MAGICAL HANDS Philipp Schwarz +49 (0) 911 99 04 10 2

Born as the son of a photographer (himself being a photographer at the parental photographic studio).

First experiences on stage: Christmas party at the local kindergarden.

Also amazed his teachers by making his cheat sheets disappear.

…how he became a magician…

Like everything in life, it also started here with my mother. Because actually it was my mother and her two friends, who rehearsed a few magic tricks as a joke on the occasion of a family celebration. The trio was celebrated highly with its magic in all family circles. I was then the assistant who knows the ladies and the tricks well. What was just fun for the ladies became a permanent passion for me. Therefore, I attended a magic school and from 1996 a musical school in the following subjects: drama, pantomime, step dance, musical dance, singing. Of course, I continued to educate myself in the field of magic. Among other things at numerous seminars and congresses (for example London, etc.) and through years of training, I gained my present abilities to enchant my audience in a unique way.

Of course, I'm also a member of the Magic Circle of Germany, for over 10 years, I'm at "magic in the tower" to see the world's only magic tower in Nuremberg (, I give for 15 years as a lecturer in the magic school Nuremberg lessons. In 1999, I gave up my secure job as a photographer, made my dream come true, and have been living as a full-time magician.

I attach particular importance to the fact that you and your guests still remember my top-class magic even after many years.

With my tricks I conjure up emotions that accompany you home and from which you can still tell your grandchildren:

Sometimes I agree with you thoughtfully (How does he do it? How does it work? - I looked very carefully!?!)

Sometimes I make you laugh and wonder ... (situation comedy is the best guarantee for long-lasting good mood.)

I'll let you dream ... (I'll take you to the land of fantasy where everything becomes possible.)

Sometimes your mouth is open in amazement (I sometimes do not care if something is physically possible or not ... I just do it!)

Sometimes I let you join in ... (Often I let spectators not only participate in my miracles, but even participate, so that you can feel the first-hand magic.)

The philosophy of mine can be summarized in one sentence:

I give you and your guests something special and rare with my magic hands - Joy & Happiness!