Show Highlights:

With charm and esprit PHILIPP SCHWARZ will take you on a journey full of magical moments.

A magic that you will actually "feel."

Let your guests experience this unique magical show highlight 

at your private or business celebration.

Only the most demanding effects make it into the "Gala Show", some of which have already been presented for example by the undisputed king of the magic history, David Copperfield. You will not trust your own eyes any more, just like your ears, nothing is more, it seems everything will be possible.

  • Suitable for any number of viewers
  • Ranging from 10 minutes to feature-length
  • Recommended: 40 - 45 min. Stage Show followed by Close Up Magic amidst your guests
  • Own stage available

„…Invisible decks of cards wander through the audience; banknotes leave their owner and reappear in tropical fruits. Phillip Schwarz presents his craft with charming ease, which is far removed from your ordinary run of the mill hat-trick. Contact with the audience is his trump card and he who does not pay attention will soon find himself on stage.

Even from close up his tricks remain a mystery for Gabi, Horst and Waldtraud. How did the ring appear on the bunch of keys? How did the doggy appear from the bag? The answer remains his secret. He charmingly tricks his audience and grins like a Cheshire cat while he leaves his audience in baffled amazement. 


Magical fog and spherical sounds announce the second part of the evening, where the audience enters the world of the supernatural. As if by magic, Phillip Schwarz guesses numbers, cards, words and makes the name of Petra's favorite country appear on a sheet of paper. Like Uri Geller did back in the day, Philipp casually bends a spoon and after that - romantic that he is - makes paper flowers levitate…“

(Nürnberger Nachrichten) 

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