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How is your fee structured?

The fee depends on various factors:

  •     Type of performance: Stage acts (for all guests) or close-up magic (at the tables)
  •     Duration of the performance
  •     Location and time of the event
  •     Number of guests
At which events and in which locations do you perform?

I mainly perform at corporate events such as customer events and trade shows, as well as private celebrations such as weddings and birthdays. My area of operation includes cities like Nuremberg, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and many others in Germany and beyond. Upon request, I am also happy to perform at your home to make your celebration even more personal.

Do you also perform for international audiences?

All show acts can be performed in English upon request.

Do you also perform for smaller groups?

And how short can your performance time be?

Yes, I also perform for smaller groups, where the magical experience is particularly intense. There is no minimum time limit, but typically my performance starts at 30 minutes.

Do you need anything else for your performance?

For my show acts, it's ideal if a central performance point is considered visible for all guests during the table planning. If needed, we are happy to set up our stage with background, lighting, and sound to ensure that all guests can enjoy the perfect experience.

How can the guests experience your magic?

There are basically 2 types of performances:

  • Stage acts for all guests (if needed, on our stage with background, lighting, and sound).
  • Close-up magic, for example, at the guests' tables or at the trade show booth.
Why should I hire you?

By hiring me, you create unforgettable magical moments for your guests. These experiences bring people together and create shared, lasting memories that remain vivid even decades later. A blend of laughter, astonishment, and profound emotional wonder is guaranteed.

Can you also offer shows for children aged 2-8 years?

My shows are designed to be family-friendly, so that even young children can enjoy them. However, the focus is on providing an engaging experience for teenagers and adults, to deliver a unique and exciting magical spectacle.

How far in advance should I book a show?

To ensure that your desired date is available, we recommend booking early due to high demand and limited availability. However, feel free to inquire even at short notice - with some luck, a slot may still be available, making your event an unforgettable experience.

How can I book you for a show?

You can easily book me by filling out the contact form on my website, contacting me by phone, or via WhatsApp chat. Upon receiving your inquiry, I will gladly send you your non-binding personalized offer and be available to discuss details and reserve your date. This way, you can easily hire me for your event.

MAGICAL HANDS Philipp Schwarz +49 (0) 911 99 04 10 2

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